I hear stories and read about moms who save huge on there grocery bill. So now I have to try it and see if I can save as well. I have 3 kiddos and I find that they ask for a snack every 5 mins. I am waiting on my veggies to grow. (fingers crossed) I love when they can just go out and pick there snacks. 

We probably spend 200.00 a week on our shopping. My husband and I are different shoppers as well. This will be fun. I am more cookbook and he loves quick and easy. ūüôā

I bought the Sundays paper and checked out the coupons. There were many, some we don’t use. I know there are online sites as well where you can print the coupons from. Plus the grocery stores website also have online coupons you can print from.

Lets see how much I can save!





Today My Goldendoodle was spayed. I signed her up at a clinic instead of taking her to the Vet. The Vet would have been way to much for me. So I browsed and found different options.
Humane Society in the local area has free transportation for animals (under 40lbs) to go to the spay and neuter in Freeport. It is cheaper than the Vet, (if you cant afford it) I think there is also a program to get it for even cheaper if you need it as well.

I googled about spaying a dog. There were people who posted horror photos (to me) . Their female dogs had huge¬†incisions from belly down. It was crazy! So thinking that was going to happen to her. It did not. She has a small¬†stitching¬†that will¬†dissolve¬†and then it was glued on the outside. It is about 2 inches. They also tattooed her showing that she was spayed. (Because you will not tell that she was,¬†that’s¬†how good they are ūüėČ ) She was also¬†given¬†meds and a cone so she will not chew or lick area.

I was a little worried about her going to a clinic instead of taking her to her normal vet, but when she came out with the cone, gave me medication for her and told me that they are really wonderful and have spayed and neutered 45 animals today. Top it off everyone was super nice. Everyone. Wish all places were as cheerful.

I am really happy with everything. I am glad I did this for my dog. She is 5 months. 37 pounds. I am also happy that I found this and took her here. Pete who transported all the animals today really loves his job and cares for all these animals. I thank them all! They all did a great job taking care of my baby!!

Like other’s, I have just saw they have found the body of a young girl that was missing for a week in Maine. The man turned himself in. She had met him on facebook and then was meeting up with this person. I think he lied about his name and age. Made a fake facebook page?¬†

It is such a sad world we live in. Fearful for all the young in our world. We would love to think this world is a safe place to live in. As a teen, I feared nothing. Nobody. Acted silly with friends. (not a big drinker but did go to¬†party’s¬†) We¬†didn’t¬†have facebook or myspace, but we did have online chat. I never gave two thoughts to who was online or if this was a real person?¬†

Now, I am a mother. Thinking, praying, I hope they get the best out of this world. Be blind of the crazy people out there, but be aware. It saddens me that people have no care for life. They just take it away. 

Hopeful that someday the world will live in will be a better place for our children to grow in. I have actually went into my friends list on facebook and just deleted people I have never talked to in person. I know people just add other people they have met or are friends with another friend. But for me, I just¬†don’t¬†like that. People that you have never met can wander into your photos. Like them, and their friends can see it and like it too….so I have hidden things as well. I really have my facebook for family that live all over. Not looking forward to my kids asking me to have a fb page or whatever is cool then.